About Us

IDEAL: Iowa Digital Engagement and Learning
IDEAL is the Iowa Digital Engagement and Learning Initiative. Supported by the Provost’s Office and housed in the Rhetoric Department, IDEAL promotes hands-on learning through innovative assignments.
IDEAL works with instructors to devise resources and develop projects that make classroom innovation easier. These projects ask students to engage with communities beyond the classroom by using digital technologies and creating work that endures beyond the semester. 

Current IDEAL projects

Find information about all of our projects here.


Instructors and students using IDEAL projects may check out audio and video equipment. Contact us well in advance of your need by emailing IDEAL@uiowa.edu.


Matt Gilchrist  Matt Gilchrist, Director and co-founder. Matt is a lecturer in the Rhetoric department.


Rebekah Walker Rebekah Walker,  IDEAL Director of Operations 


Jared Gach Jared Gach, IDEAL Project Coordinator