Rhetoric Centers


IDEAL provides a variety of resources for students working on digital projects such as videos, podcasts, infographics, animations, and even PowerPoints. One-on-one assistance is available with our undergraduate Media Tutors at the IDEAL Media Studio. A variety of media equipment is available for check out including recorders, cameras, microphones and more. | 108 English Philosophy Building |


The Writing Center assists with writing projects at any stage of development. Our services are free and available to all undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty in all disciplines. Our job is to help you become a better writer, reader and critical thinker. To schedule an appointment, visit our website. | 110 English Philosophy Building |


The Speaking Center offers quality one-on-one instruction and small group tutoring, and consultation to students and instructors on campus who would like to work on any aspect of oral communication. To schedule an appointment, visit our website. | 410, 412, & 414 English Philosophy Building |


The Conversation Center offers one-on-one appointments for conversations in English with undergraduate students enrolled in a service-learning course, the Rhetoric Conversation Practicum. Make friends and build confidence and intercultural fluency through informal, low-stakes interactions. To schedule an appointment, visit our website.